Mac OS snipping tool file image format issues

Hi, my personal assistant is on a Mac and she use some integrated Mac OS snipping tool and pastes the pics into her email for illustrating whatever problem.  The problem is no one sees her illustations.  On my iphone it simply says "image", on my PC it shows the error message below; and all outside clients say the same thing.  We can't view her snips.  What is she doing wrong?

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Andrew LeniartIT Consultant & Freelance JournalistCommented:
Hi snoopaloop,

Can you advise what format the image is being saved in? I suspect it's likely that the image on the MAC is being saved in an incompatible format for native Windows systems to read without a third party utility so would need to be converted first into something like .JPG or .PNG before being pasted into emails.

Alternatively, the MAC OS Snipping Tool should be configured to save in one of those formats (or any other format supported by Windows default viewers) at time of saving, which should then eliminate the problem and allow everyone to view the illustrations she's trying to share.

If you need help with directions to change the default format being saved as then please identify the exact name of the snipping tool being used on the MAC and I'll try to provide some instructions for you from my own MAC.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
better to post the email source code of an simple email from your assistant. of course, just need a very small screenshot as the attachment.
Ask her to use one of the images that previously failed to show in an email and send it again, but this time ATTACH the image to the email rather than INSERTING it (pasting it into).
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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
the image is using a link to a local file, other machines don't have access to this location so you are getting the file not available message. The file has to be publicly available
What email client are you both using?  When I send through Mail or Outlook on a Mac, it shows up for Outlook users on Windows.

Inserting images in a email client is attaching the image.  The Mac mail client just has a built in engines to display the image inline.  However, in this case it looks like she's dragging a link instead of an image into the mail.  Have her copy and paste the image into the mail instead of dragging it into the mail.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Open the screenshot file (in preview), press Command-A then Command-C (select/copy screenshot), put cursor in mail at desired location and press Command-V
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
I sent her an email inquiring about the keystrokes she uses.  I think she holds down command and drags her pointer to the area of the screen she wants to display in her snip.   The snip then populates on her desktop and i believe she drags the snips into Airmail client.
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
On a Mac, Command-option-3 captures the whole screen. Command-option-4 allows one to drag a box around the area to “snip”. Both typically leave an imgage file on the desktop. By default, OS X saves every screenshot that you capture on your Mac as a PNG file. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is a lossless format. Most systems today should be able to easily view png files.

So I agree with the above comments that suggest how she is placing them into mail could be an issue.

Note that if  just “attached” using the paper clip icon, the images will appear at the end of the email.  As has already been stated, she can drag the photo into the current email, and move it to where she wants it.  This should just work. If it still does not work, I agree, we need to see an email message.
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
I had her perform her normal steps with instructions "I take a screen shot. It goes to my desktop and then I move it into the email. "   

The image showed up.  Im not sure why it would be hit or miss.  I will keep you posted on another pic that doesnt show up.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Another option (for the image that doesn't show) - click the file in the screenshot folder, press Command-C, point to a location in the mail message and press Command-V
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
Ok, this is weird.  I'm can't find a trend to the inconsistencies.   Right now, the snip and paste method did not work in the iPhone viewing outlook mobile but views fine in outlook for windows    Do you file the attachment?
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
Ah, these are png files without png file extensions.  I'm not sure what to tell her how to fix this so all users can read her illustrations.
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Ok, this is weird.  I'm can't find a trend to the inconsistencies.   Right now, the snip and paste method did not work in the iPhone viewing outlook mobile but views fine in outlook for windows

Are you sure your outlook mobile is set to show images on the iPhone? What do you see where the image should be? Can you tap on that and then see the image?  How about screen shots of the two examples you mention.
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
Outlook mobile behaves well with other images
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I wasn't questioning that. Can you describe what you see where the image should be?
Im going to send myself a screen capture and look.
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
OK, just did a screen clip on a Mac using COMMAND-SHIFT-4. I sent it to my Office365 account from Apple mail by dragging the png file between the two words TEXT, and then opened it on my iPad sing Outlook.

It displayed just fine.

You are seeing a screen capture of my iPad running Outlook.The email was generated on my MacBookPro. The small text between the words TEXT is a clipping file from my Mac, a png file. I emailed to my Outlook account and opened it on my iPad. Took a screen capture, and then sent that back to my Mac (and used Photoshop to smear old stuff)

So it works like that, now we need to discover why it does not work for you.
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I don't have the user's environment to play with any more.   She's out in maternity leave.  It was weird though.  It worked fine the last couple times we performed test snippits using a couple methods.
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