The Outlook application sometimes goes white.

Hardware: Dell Latitude 7490
OS: Windows 10
Office: 365 Pro Plus
Issue: The Outlook application sometimes goes white.
Setup: two external LCDs in addition to the laptop's LCD.
 Troubleshooting steps: Ran Windows Update and Office is updated.
2. Hardware acceleration is already disabled in Outlook
3. All the  device drivers are already updated, via Dell Command Update

Additional hardware; Dell WD15 docking station with the latest firmware.
2. One LCD is a 22 inch and other I believe is about 17 inch.
3. A HDMI to DVI adapter is used to connect to the 22 inch LCD and a VGA adapter is used to connect to the 17 inch LCD.

Observation: Since the problem only affects the Outlook application, it is related to video memory.

Any suggestions?
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I would suspect something else. Unless you use a local pst file as primary mail storage, mail server performance problems would also let outlook get unresponsive and white - I have seen that and almost anytime, it was due to mail server performance problems/ high server load.
it seems the problem is related with the video driver.
though you have already declared that the video driver is updated....check it bonce again.

uninstall outlook, uninstall video drivers...
reinstall video drivers first...check for updates... then install outlook and check.
Warwick ReimanSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
If it goes white when you open and close Outlook or click between inboxes, it's a sign of the server being slow. Unless you are using a Local PST with cached enabled for a decent amount of time.

If it goes white while using outlook and you minimize and maximize and doesn't fully load the ribbon bar, found to be an issue with Windows 10/ Server 2016..

Does it happen regardless using the Dell Drivers or What windows updates finds best match also?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Going white in any Office app including Outlook is "normal" and a sign of slowness at the point as others have noted. I usually just wait for a minute for the app to recover. It does not happen very often so no big deal.

As suggested above, where is the PST file?  Local I hope.  If Exchange, is it Hosted Exchange?  Occasional network slowness causes this.
check Outlook add-ins. You may have an add-in that may be causing an issue.

Just earlier today, I had an issue whereas Outlook would open and close after a minute. Upon reopening, I would get a message about running a repair on an Internet calendar, which would not correct the issue.

Opening Outlook in safe mode would show same symptoms.

Removed the Internet Calendar that the end user had installed. Outlook opened and reported getting errors about missing Internet calendar entries. Replied cancel all and haven't had issues any more.
If you really want to test whether it is an *.OST/*.PST issue, change your setting and remove the check from Cached Mode (forces Online only).

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MAuthor Commented:
Thank you all, based upon my observation, the problem is network issue, it look like the VLAN will need to be reconfigured.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I suggested a network issue after the earlier posts and that is what it was.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If it was network, then why not select the network answer
MAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention, I will just replace the machine and see if the problem happens again, but the input I received is helpful.
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