How to get a Windows Server 2019 Demo running.

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I am doing a server refresh soon. Plan is to get replacement RDS servers running Server 2019, to replace our aging 2008R2 boxes.

Since we have a heap of software in use, I am going through the testing process, checking that everything works, and figuring what to do with apps that do not. Will then pilot with a few users for a week for acceptance testing. I have downloaded and installed a  copy of Server 2019 for this purpose.

Problem I am having now is with obtaining a key for the 2019 180day demo. The Microsoft Evaluation Centre originally had the ISO and keys on 2-Oct, but this was pulled a few days later.  Now it just says "Following the launch of Windows Server 2019, we started the process of publishing the media for the 180-day evaluation media. In the process, we found an issue with the Eval media and are in the process of fixing it." Apparently the product can be purchased, and it available to volume licensing and MSDN users, but plebs still cannot obtain a key.  The actual "issue" referred to was remedied weeks ago, and is irrelevant to us.  

Any ideas where I can obtain a 180 day key for Server 2019?

I am NOT trying to do anything dodgy, illegal or unethical here, I just want to run a demo version and see what does not work.
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Sorry at this moment the eval media are not currently available, the only way is try it on Azure how you can read in this news published 17 decembere 2018

actually on the net you can still find the links on the microsoft sites of the verion that had been retired, but I do not feel like you are giving this solution by hand that you do not just want to take a look and use Azure is not possible

Fore example here:
Same problem here... well I guess MS doesn't want our money...


Eventually this became available.
indeed - I confirm that you can get the 2019 trial from MS - took about 6 months from initial release...

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