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cisco router cost and performance comparison

I am comparing the cisco ISR 4331 and RV 345 model and come up with a question:

ISR 4331 cost more than $1000:


but only come with very limited Performance:
    Aggregate throughput:  100 Mbps

with extra unknown cost for upgrading from base package to performance package, it can reach 300Mbps.

RV 345 cost about $300,


but come with an excellent Performance:

   Firewall throughput (TCP)    900 Mbps
    VPN throughput (IPSec)      650 Mbps
    VPN throughput (PPTP)     100 Mbps

It would be no-brainer that everyone should buy RV 345 instead of ISR 4331? then who is going to buy ISR 4331 instead of RV345?
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