Deploying IE11 on Windows 7

Aamer M
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We have a 1000 windows 7 SP1 clients, some of them X86 and some of them X64. IE9 is currently installed on the clients. We want to update the IE to IE11 because of incompatibility with a new application.
It’s a secure environment with no internet and WSUS is not allowed.  We do not have SCCM also in the environment. Now I need to update IE9 to IE7 on all computers using AD GPO.
I realize that IE for X64 has prerequisites that need ot be installed before IE11. On X86 it can be installed directly.
What could be the most efficient way of installing IE11 in my situation.
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Make sure to test your deployment on a subset of systems to make sure it works. before applying a GPO to all.

This is after you have manually updated IE on one system of each type (x86/x64) in order to have the updates needed.

Do you have some other centrally managed tool in the environment?
Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant

Do you have an internal websites that might not work with IE 11?  If so, you might also want to review: - Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode Part 1 - Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode Part 2 - Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode Part 3

I was able to use a single XML file load-balanced on a pair of IIS servers to facilitate migration of over 20,000 workstations.

However, this client had legacy websites that required IE 8, 9, and 10.  Just making sure you don't have the same obstacle and if so you can address it using Enterprise Mode when you migrate.  Make sure you test and validate!

Those publications above allow for upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 and using Enterprise mode to "emulate" a different version of IE inside IE 11 on client workstations, elimination of compatibility view mode lists - often a burden to manage.

Support for IE 7, 8, 9 and 10 using a combination of IE 8 Emulation and Document Modes versus Compatibility Mode which does not always work or developer mode which must be turned on manually.
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If a website such as training webpage does not work on the latest version of IE you could run IE in compatibility mode so the website will run on the older version.
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SuhaibIT specialist

these are the prerequisite updates for Internet Explorer 11

you can download them, and then install them using AD GP, after that install IE 11 using AD GP.

i hope this is helpful.


i need to deploy the prerequisites for ie11 on the 64 bit windows 7 computers and then deploy IE11 using GPO. i dont have an enterprise management system so have to do it using GPO.

what is the best way to do it
Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant


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