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Hi Experts,

In a RPG program I use /COPY with qualified names and unqualified names.
/Copy MyFile1.rpgleinc
/Copy MyFile2.rpgleinc
/Copy /Standard/Version9/Rel5/gplcalc.rpgleinc

Using the CRTRPGMOD parameter INCDIR('/Home/user/myPrograms/includes'), it will find the right include-files and the module is created without errors.
When I try to create a program from the module I get the following error:

Message-ID . . . . . . :   CPD5D02      
Message . . . . :   Definition not found for symbol   'getSubSetCustomer'                        

Cause . . . . . :   No definition was found for reference                    
  getSubSetCustomer in *MODULE object MyProg2 in library MYLIB.
  The definition either does not exist or is not of the same data or procedure
  type as the reference.                                                      
Recovery  . . . :   Try the Create Program (CRTPGM) command again, supplying  
  an object that contains a definition for symbol  getSubSetCustomer

Without the INCDIR() and full qualified names, the program is working.

Because of copy/move and maintenance, I prefer to use the unqualified name for most of the include files, is that possible?
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/COPY rules are complicated, and documented here:


Most likely the compiler is finding a source file with the right name in a directory that you don't expect.  Look at the listing, it shows where it found the file.

When you search for a relative path (no leading slash) this is the search order:

Current directory
INCDIR command parm
RPGINCDIR environment variable paths
The source directory of the main source
Plus iN qsys: *LIBL/qrpglesrc.[FILENAME]

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