Creating mailbox batches for Exchange Online migrations

Christian Hans
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In planning to migrate to Office 365 (Exchange Online)
is there a script available to export all the mailboxes from exchange to CSV along with who has permissions to each mailbox so that some kind of batch process could be created making sure that all users are migrated along with the mailboxes they have access to? Someone has to have done this... Id think, no?
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There is a script available here ( that you can use. Once you run it and get the output,  you will still need to do some work on figuring out the order. I have seen clients use Excel Pivot tables and such to get a working output but it needs some massaging to get it correct.
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The guys at FastTrack used to have a very robust script that enumerates all "dependencies" and spills out a report that you can use to prepare the batches. I'm not sure if we are allowed to redistribute it, but you can probably find some copies on the internet. Or you can just contact the FastTrack team and ask them for help on this :)

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