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Legacy account holder for Gmail account - how to set up

How can I set up a legacy email address so that if something happens to me, someone close to me can access my Gmail account? I have set up something like this on FB but I don't know if it's available for Gmail

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Iamthecreator OM

8/22/2022 - Mon

Best to use Last Pass (or equivalent) that DOES have the ability for some one close to access in case the owner is disabled. Since this applies to most web accounts:

(a) it does what you want here.
(b) it extends using the same method to other web accounts.
David Favor

Foolproof way includes...

1) Purchase a Tracfone off Amazon for $30. Minutes will cost you around $30/1500 minutes, good for a year.

2) Associate the Tracfone number with your Google account for account resets/management.

3) Keep this phone safe. Maybe place it with your attorney with instructions to add new minutes every year.

4) Provide your Gmail password with your attorney.

5) Disable any 2 Factor security on account.

Note: Instead of an attorney, you can substitute in the executor of your estate or your heir.

Tip: Prior to end of life, sell all your large assets (cars, property) to your heirs for at least $1 each, with a recorded bill of sale + all start required ownership transfer (do this using an attorney in your state).

I suggested this to my Mom, which she did.

Her passing was difficult + there were no attorney's or estate nonsense to deal with, because all her assets had already been sold.

Note: For bank accounts, setup a PayPal account with access to all your bank accounts. Then at time of passing, your heir can just drain all bank account, so no bank policy nonsense either.
Iamthecreator OM

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What I wanted - and what I have just done -  is what @IMthecreator OM outlined for me.  I am putting together a "Book of Life" (no plans to pop my clogs for a long time!) but I saw how tricky it was for my brother when my father died - he was the executor so I want to make sure that all that stuff is sorted and easy to locate in the event of my demise..
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William Peck
Iamthecreator OM

May you have a long life.