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Leo Flint
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I have one user with a laptop and a dell dock with dual monitors.  sometimes in the browser IE and Google, a White strip will appear across the top and the window becomes locked.  I have replaced monitor, cable and updated display link drivers and windows.  I'm at a lose as to what could be causing this.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Try this without the Dock.  

Update BIOS, Chipset, and then again Video drivers.

After the above, it may be a problem with the Dock
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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A screenshot would be helpful
Ibrahim KasabriInfrastructure admin

There is a mismatch in the resolution between the laptop monitor and the docking station.
Check the resolution settings on your notebook computer. Your monitor may support higher resolutions than what the docking station is able to support.

the adjustment setting depends on your laptop monitor and which Dell dock model are you using. For example, if you are using Dell Dock WD15
the table shows your the resolution setting
The link below Dell Dock WD 15 troubleshooting guide
Leo FlintIT Systems Support Analyst


I updated the BIOS.  Now we just wait and see.  Thanks for all the suggestions.

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