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Mario Papa
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I would like to know with O365 if there is a way to check which policies or rules or reports have been assigned or are dependant on a specific global admin username, in that case  I would like to delete that user.

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I am not the expert you are looking for (think Star Wars), but I have added a topic area and edited your question in order to attract more Expert attention.  I will be keeping an eye on this question to make sure it gets some traction.

Tom Zucker-Scharff
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There's nothing inherently dependent on a given GA account in terms of policies or reports. You might have some permissions granted, email notifications configured or similar. Generally speaking, you might have some script or scheduled tasks, even a third-party tool depending on the credentials of said account, but there's no way to determine this centrally.

My advice would be to simply disable this account for a few weeks, and if you dont notice any issues delete it.

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