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I'm creating an agencies document tracker database. I've already started the database which I've attached. But i want to format the database so that the DERA table will be the main table follow by the counties and agencies so that he can look like the second attachment.  Any assistance will be appreciated.
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I don't see any foreign keys in the database.

If DERA is the main table and Counties is a child table, it will likely be a many-to-many relationship.

If so, you will need an intermediate table like dera_county that holds and

Same for the relationship between counties and agencies.  If ALL agencies are in the same county then you might get by with just adding a county_id column to the agencies table.

That said:  The agency and county tables are pretty much the same format.  I might think about merging them into a single documents table with a owner_type column with a 'C' or 'A' column to designate County or Agency.

If you have additional columns for county that don't belong to agencies then you can create separate county and agency tables but I would look to keep the document table independent with the appropriate foreign key column in it.



thanks for the advice I'll try that

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