On AC power how can I make my Current Screen my Lock Screen?

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When on AC power how can I make my Current Screen my Lock Screen?  

So that, let's say I'm using Itunes.  

Set the device aside.  Have a 5 minute time out.  Once the 5 minutes passes, rather than going blank / dark, it just stays at Itunes.

Then, when I try to interact with the device, it asks for the password, and returns me to Itunes, or wherever else I was before.

Any such Android app / option?


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That makes no sense. How can an active screen suddenly ask for a password?
You either have the screen always on (so no password needed), or in the default mode, locks after xx amount of minutes.
The screen always on, sadly, is a manual action, not an automatic one. Unlike laptops who knows when AC power is used, Androids generally don't care about this status.
If your phone doesn't have a quick way to have screen always on, use a third party app for ex. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.openappinfo.keepscreenon&hl=en
If you use that app, it's actually not a manual action, as you add the apps you want to keep the screen on for to the list, so it automatically knows when to have the screen always on or not.


Thanks! :)))))))))))))))))))

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