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Hello we operate in a closed loop network, the only way to transfer files\data is to use a USB device or a CD\DVD.  With this being said we must scan any USB device that connects to external device\network before re introducing it back onto our closed loop network.  I've got to download several items a day, updates and such, place them on USB device scan then copy to our closed loop network this has gotten to take up a lot of time.  My question is are there any other alternative methods that wouldn't require a scan each time?
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Not realy, the scan is meant to verify no malware is transported from the Public net -> internal ("air-gapped") network.
So not scanning might cause exactly what the air-gap is meant to prevent contamination of the internal network.
Maybe you need to optimize the procedures to do more in one go, instead of doing small chunks of work.


Thank you noci.

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