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Matthew Roessner
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I am building a new LPAR and attempting to import a Self-Signed certificate that we have loaded on our other servers.  

I am attempting to import both a CA and a self-signed cert

I am able to import the CA - but I am getting an error when attempting to import the "server/client" certificate.

The steps I am following are:

a.      Select the *SYSTEM certificate store
b.      Click on Manage Certificates
c.      Import certificate
d.      Certificate Authority
e.      Upload the file: /cert/ibmirootca.cer
f.      Name the certificate: IBMIROOTCA

2.      Import the Self-signed certificate
a.      Import Certificate
b.      Server or Client
c.      Upload the file: /cert/ibmissc.cer
d.      Password for self-signed certificate: <cert password>
e.      Name the certificate: IBMISSC

It is at this point that I get the following error:

Certificate Error
Any ideas on this?
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Looks like the certificate file has been corrupted - usually happens during a data transfer.  Not sure if it is possible that this is a password error, but that might also be possible.  I'd think the error would mention that possibility.

Try opening the CER files with Windows - you should be able to open a good CER.  

If not, you'll need to obtain a good copy of the certificate.  If you are experiencing problems with it getting corrupted by FTP in transit, zip it into a zip file on the source system, and do a binary FTP transfer of the zip, then unzip on your PC before uploading.

If you want to provide specific details of how the certificate is getting from the CA that generates it to you, we may be able to provide more specific advice.
Matthew RoessnerSenior Systems Programmer


I re-exported the certificate directly from one of our other servers and FTP'd it in binary and then I was able to import it successfully.

Thanks for the assistance

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