Raspberry Pi 3 display issue

I have just started setting up my first Raspberry Pi (3).  It was easy to set up initially, but after setting up remote access with VNC, I disconnected the HDMI monitor (actually my TV).  Now when I remote into my home laptop using teamviewer and then remote from there into my pi - this also happens if I just remote directly from my home laptop to the pi - (Still having trouble remoting from anywhere but on the same wifi network) the display is wrong.  Everything is fuzzy, but the worst part is that I not only cannot see the entire screen at once but in new windows I can't see the top of them, so many times I have to guess what they say.  Is there some setting I need to change?

VNC information window occludedRemote into Home machine via teamviewer which then remotes into Pi
LVL 32
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAsked:
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Help DeskCommented:
Hey Thomas,
   I think you need to adjust the screen resolution. I noticed when you don't have HDMI connected the Pi doesn't allow you to change the screen size because it tries to detect it. I had to set mine with the command     raspi-config   to change screen resolution.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
I just tried the raspberry pi configuration utility and set it to 640x480 - still have the same problem.
Help DeskCommented:
When I did it I used this resolution DMT 1440x920
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
is there a command line for that? just DMT 1440x920?  I'm relatively new to debian.
Help DeskCommented:
ust run the following simple command on Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Jessie.

run terminal and type

sudo raspi-config

Go to: >Advanced Option > Resolution > just set your resolution compatible fit with your screen.


If you didn't found the menu on configuration, please update your raspberry pi software configuration tool (raspi-config).
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
I am trying different iterations, but it has made it worse.
Help DeskCommented:
Do you need to also change the screen size when you connect with the TeamViewer menu options?
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
This is a direct connect through vnc, teamviewer is not involved.
Help DeskCommented:
ok, the only difference with my Pi and yours is I used TeamViewer to connect to it but with all those settings I sent you.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
I tried using teamviewer to my laptop and then vnc from there.  Do you have TV installed on your pi?  I would prefer that, but the version of TV my work uses, so the version I use, is v9 - is that available for debian?
Help DeskCommented:
yes, I installed TV directly to my Pi's. I use them for network troubleshooting at my sites. I'm not sure if they offer different version but here is the download link for TV on a Pi.

Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
I checked this out at home while attached to my Television through HDMI and the display was just as bad.  I rebooted to safe mode (hold down shift on the splash screen) and changed the config file to comment out the framebuffer lines (which I think I uncommented previously)  And now it works both through VNC and through the direct HDMI connection.

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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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