What is your MS Teams naming convention?

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Hello Experts,

We are piloting MS Teams and we're discussing Team naming conventions. I would like to hear what worked for you, what not to do, and articles/references that may be of help.
Some background, we have over 100 offices and multiple divisions. Did you set up your naming conventions to align with your AD OUs, or by function (i.e. Projects, Department Communications, etc.) If you broke it down by Department, how did you set up local vs national level, like HR - Corp, HR - East, HR - West, etc.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Steph M
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Hi Steph,

I am in the same boat as you are - and currently we have set it up as the name suggests at Team level. We are a Product + Services organization so we are currently having the following structure

1. Management
2. HR
3. Finannce
4. Rest of the teams are based on projects and clients

Also as of now we are not too restrictive about information sharing as we are a startup things are bit fluid.



Thank you - for our pilot, we are using business unit names.

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