Veeam email alert all restore points deleted because of disk space increase

mkramer777 used Ask the Experts™
I have Veeam backup and recovery and was wondering why I received the email message after I added disk space to one of my VM's using VMWARE.  I added 50 GB and then rescanned the drive and increased the drive space.  Does it always delete all restore points when you do this?  I thought I've increased disk space before in VMWARE and did not see this message.
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System Engineer Datacenter Solutions
This is a restriction of VMware - if you do replication, Veeam realizes multiple restore points as multiple snapshots in the target. A disk with snapshots can not be changed in size.

Veeam Backup Jobs should not have this problem.

I would not really call it "expected" behavior, as I personally would not expect Veeam to remove old replica without a choice for the user. But it is a technical limitation.


So, from this point on will it begin incremental snapshots?

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