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Since when the Active Directory doesn't accept same display names?  I have the 2nd jenny jones and it doesn't want to take it.  Unless I will do something else (2nd jenny) or whatever.

I remember I was supporting university with 3000 users and it wasn't an issue.   Is it recent in 2016 AD?
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Put them in a different OU. Then you can have the same name.  Otherwise, spell it out - Jennifer instead of Jenny, or Jenn instead...
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And as far as I recall, this has always been the case.


You sure?  Can't remember..
The displayName attribute is definitely not a unique attribute. When creating an account in Active Directory through ADUC though, the Full Name field serves 2 purposes.

1. It by populates the displayName attribute of the account.
2. It sets the accounts CN or canonical name attribute.

CN must be unique within the OU it is in.
sAMAccountName must be unique within the domain.
userPrincipalName must be unique within the domain.
displayName can be duplicated.

Use the New-ADUser cmdlet to create an account with a different displayName to the canonical name in the same OU. Better still come up with a naming standard that is unique to all users.

Example: U000001, U000002, U000003, U000004
Example: A000001, A000002, A000003, ...

Where U = user, A = administrator and the number is their HR ID. Just as an example. Pretty simple stuff, it just takes an hour or so to sit down and outline your user, group, computer naming conventions.

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