Switch all Outlook Clients to use Outlook Anywhere

Exchange 2007 SP3 RU22 moving to Exchange 2013 (then 2016).  Just about ready to install 2013 and move the mailboxes but need to change it so all clients are using Outlook Anywhere.  Currently have 100 Outlook 2010 clients (Moving to Office 2016 after Exchange 2013 is stable).  Setup Outlook anywhere a while ago and that works but I've only seen it in action on laptops we setup and nothing is done special during each ones setup to make it work.  LOL, I guess I did a good job with that setup...  Too bad I didn't really grasp the full inner workings of it.  My problem now is, how can I switch (and confirm) all my Outlook clients use Outlook Anywhere?  Is that just a DNS adjustment?  Sorry, not an DNS or Exchange expert but have successfully moved from 2003 to 2007 years ago.  Would I just setup the current FQDN of server.domain.local to point to mail.domain.com in my DNS?  Or would I change it in Exchange at the receive connectors?  Is there a way to tell which clients are using Outlook anywhere and which aren't?  I have two receive connectors in Exchange 2007 (not sure why I even need both), one named Default of mail.domain.com and one named Client of server.domain.local.  When I look at server settings in Outlook on a desktop in the office it's pointing to server.domain.local.  Is there a simple central way to change this without my clients knowing?  If so, they'll most likely just get a certificate warning because of the change? My .com has a valid cert.  Main point is to switch all Outlook clients (Online and cached) to Outlook Anywhere with as little interruption to the user as possible.  Also, to confirm centrally that they switched somehow.  I'm looking for all the useful feedback I can get.  Thanks in advance.
ZeeIT ManagerAsked:
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ZeeIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Now that I re-read part of my question about the receive connectors I am thinking they have nothing to do with local Outlook clients communicating with the mail server...  So lets make that a part 2 to my question.  Can I just remove/disable that receive connector (Client server.domain.local) if it's not being used in email delivery (confirmed in tracking) without breaking anything?
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

In Exchange 2013, Outlook Anywhere is enabled by default, because all Outlook connectivity takes place via Outlook Anywhere.However, to check whether Outlook Anywhere is configured correctly on the server, go to Exchange admin console>>Servers>>Double click on the server name>>Outlook Anywhere. Here you can specify the external and internal addresses with 'negotiate' authentication method.
You don't need to change anything else if the existing certificate is valid.

From client side you can use 'Remote connectivity Analyzer' to test the Outlook Anywhere connectivity https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/
ZeeIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Radhakrishnan, that's definitely good info and that connectivity tester will come in handy.  But I am looking for a way to confirm that all the local desktop machines will be able to use Outlook Anywhere with out a problem.  Need to be able to do that from one central location instead of going to 100 computers.  I know my laptops have no trouble with Outlook Anywhere.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

You might need to test this induvidualy, there isn't any procedure to check this globally. Outlook anywhere works on all the desktops once you enabled it from the server. No other specific settings required.

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ZeeIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks!
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