Dell N3048P Stacking LED Light flashes red

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Dell N3048P Stack Light Flashing red- does anyone know why the stack LED light flashes red?  This is on the standby switch.  See attached.  I couldn't find any good documentations on this.
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Take  a look at the manual at:

Page 157 has the table for the System LEDs.  Blinking red indicates a non-critical failure (fan or power supply).

Page 148 defines what each LED represents.  As I read it, the top right one (that you are referencing as blinking red) is Switch Status.  I'd assume that this is the same as what Page 157 refers to as System LED.
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Yes CompProblSolv, you're right that that LED is the status.  I misread and thought it was 'stack' instead of 'status' on the other manual I was checking.  thank you!
You are welcome.

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