iSCSI NAS volumes - how to enable auto online after Server restart?

Reinhard Rensburg
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I have attached two NAS Volumes to a Windows 2016 Server via iSCSI, when the Server restarts the Disks goes to "offline" state (Disk3 and Disk4 in the file attached), I have to then right-click and choose "online" to have them show up in Windows Explorer again.

How does one set the Server or iSCSI Policy to bring the disks back online automatically? There's no other Server or device accessing the volumes so no risk of data corruption, we restricted the access via an ACL on the iSCSI settings.

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I found the solution to the issue,

To have your NAS Disks shared via iSCSI go online automatically simply use the Command Prompt and use the DISKPARK utility to enable the Policy to "OnlineALL". Just make sure that the iSCSI volumes are not shared with any other Servers as this can cause data corruption and/or loss.


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