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When i issue a command # esxcli storage filesystem list, I get /vmfs/volumes/598c7ef**-** along with name of the Vmware datastore
i am trying to find which of these belongs to storage's naa.600601
I  issued # esxcli storage core path list and it is listing the multipathing information and get naa number.
In other word i am trying to find the way to match the naa.6666*** with uuid. This way i can go into the storage and increase the space for the LUN .
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If you want
 cmd then you have to use vmkfstools, webclient is easy way.. Go to datastores, right click on the top row above all the datastores list which gives options to show hidden options in which you need to select device which gives naa id for each datastore..

Eg for vmkfstools : vmkfstools -P -v10 /vmfs/volumes/VNX-20

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Trick I learnt when carving off LUNs was to make them all just a little bit different in size from each other. No great performance benefit but easier to know when you are all working on the same page.


I was able to get the scsi id and naa corresponding the Vsphere storage  by issuing the followings commands
esxcfg-scsidevs -m this will get me naa.  
esxcli storage core path list
esxcli storage filesystem list

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