grep commands

grep "testing" 789.log

zgrep "testing"  123.gz

i like to redirect above production server output to
abc/def/test.txt file which is on some other system test server where i have access

how to do it
grep "testing" 789.log >> abc/def/test.txt
above gives error no such directory as that directory is not there in production server

grep "testing" 789.log
how above different from
grep -C2 "testing" 789.log

i see below time stamp lines came 3 of them when i use -C2
2019-Jan-17 04:50:51.198 EST

i see below time stamp lines came 3 of them when i did not use -C2
2019-Jan-17 04:50:51.198 EST

please advise
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grep "testing" 789.log >> abc/def/test.txt will not work if the directories abc or def do not already exist.  If they exist then it will create test.txt

I don't really understand what you're asking in the 2nd part.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Maybe post .txt files with your data also, as having actual data is far easier to test then eyeballing images.
C2 means print 2 lines above and below each matched line. read the man page.


redirecting the grep to a different host can be done in many ways. if you have ssh access between hosts, that could be quite simple.

for example, run this on the development server

ssh production_server grep "testing" 789.log >> abc/def/test.txt

which will run the grep command on the prod server but the redirection occurs on the dev server

or the other way round : run on the prod server

grep "testing" 789.log | ssh dev_server tee -a abc/def/test.txt > /dev/null

many other ways are available : using netcat on both sides, using a shared drive, ...
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gudii9Author Commented:
C2 means print 2 lines above and below each matched line. read the man page.

which command i have to look in man page for this?
please advise
gudii9Author Commented:
man C2

above not working

man ls
man pwd

etc. are working fine though
man grep
really you need to figure such basics yourself
I believe you've asked about this before and got answers to the -C2, -B3, and -A4 options to grep.  You really should run the commands in a Linux environment to test them.  It's much, much faster to run them yourself to see the results, than to ask and wait around for a response.

if you NFS mount the remote system then you can redirect without any problem.

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