Unable to update this object in Azure Active Directory, because the attribute [MailNickname], is not valid.

RE: Azure AD Connect

I keep getting Azure AD Connect error on one particular user account every time a sync is performed.

Identity synchronization Error Report:

Identity | Joe.Smith@contoso.com
Error Description | Unable to update this object in Azure Active Directory, because the attribute [MailNickname], is not valid. Update the value in your local directory services.

The problem is:

1) the account is actually disabled in AD on-prem
2) I cannot find the account in Azure AD or exchange online (using get-msoluser and get-user and get-recipient or portal.azure.com)
2) the account in our On-Prem AD, the MailNickname property is none when I look in the Attribute Editor.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try to fix this?

Thank in advance.
Christian HansUndecided... Asked:
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check account in deleted user container in O365 portal, if found their, delete it from there as well
Also make sure account is moved out of AD sync OUs
Christian HansUndecided... Author Commented:
Yes, I have tried that too. I ran the commands with the Get-MsolUser –ReturnDeletedUsers and the account still wasnt found.
check if accounts stored in contacts anywhere in O365 / onpremise
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RobertSystem AdminCommented:
It could be an actual invalid entry.
Is the attribute listed as <not set> or is the word none entered?
if it is none then delete out the attribute.

or you could manually enter a valid alias that is not already in use.
Christian HansUndecided... Author Commented:
Sorry, It's actually <not set>

It doesn't have a mailbox, so that's what is also weird. The mailnickname shouldn't be set if there's no mailbox.
Christian HansUndecided... Author Commented:
Seems like the only way top stop the Sync errors is to delete the account... but as soon as I recreate it, the errors start up again.

# In AAD

Get-AzureADUser -ObjectId "Joe.Smith@contoso.com"
Get-AzureADUser : Error occurred while executing GetUser
Code: Request_ResourceNotFound
Message: Resource 'Joe.Smith@contoso.com' does not exist or one of its queried reference-property objects are not present.

Get-ADUser -Identity "Joe.Smith@contoso.com"
Get-ADUser : Cannot find an object with identity: 'Joe.Smith@contoso.com' under: 'DC=contoso,DC=com'.

# On-Prem

Get-User -Identity "Joe.Smith@contoso.com"

Name                  RecipientType
----                  -------------
Joe.Smith@contoso.com       User        

In the Attribute Editor the MailNickname attribute is set to <not set>

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