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2012 Invader

We live in a Windows Server 2008 environment and have a quick need for a Windows Server 2012.  Can we run one instance of 2012 on a 2008 hyper-V server?
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Agreed. Running a higher guest on a lower host is problematic due to integration services versions. But 2008 in particular was the first release of hyper-v and is out of all support. I'd never recommend that. 2008 R2 will work for short-term workloads. Though mildly painful.
If I recall correctly, the rule of thumb is N+1. So, 2008 could run 2008 R2 guests, 2008 R2 guests could run 2012 RTM guests, and so on.
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Thank you all for your help.  I had to choose one as the solution even though you all pretty much said the said thing.  So I chose the first response.  In all fairness I mislead with my question not including the R2 for 2008 R2, sorry, but thanks.