software pauses/freezes on middle of three monitors when moved to it

I have a Dell Optiplex PC with an i5 CPU and 16GBs RAM, with 3 monitors. Recently added the 3rd. View Sonic, Dell, Dell monitors. Everything seems to work ok except when moving excel, word or Google Chrome to the middle monitor. After you move excel over, you cannot left click on a cell or type in it. However I can right click all over the place. If I move the excel window back to any other monitor all the keys I typed suddenly appear. Move it back to middle, locked again. Same thing happens with Google Chrome when doing a Google search. The weird thing is if I move Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer one of our business programs to the middle monitor it types in the search bar just fine.

The setup uses 3 VGA monitors. One is directly connected to the PC with VGA cable, 1 is connected with Dell DP2VGA adapter and the problem child is connected with startech USB2VGAE3. We've unplugged the startech adapter, uninstalled the startech software, rebooted, and reinstalled the software. Same problem. We also done the same using an entirely new startech adapter. Same problem.

Any ideas?

Also tried repair install of Office thing it is an office problem since both word and excel behave the same, but then again, Google Chrome behaves the same also.
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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Did you use the newest driver version?

Version: 18.02.0810.3679
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
I did. Instead of using the dvd that came with it just went to the website instead.

One additional development, that may or may not help. If I remote into the PC, ask someone onsite to move the excel windows on that PC to the middle monitor and try to type, they experience they above mentioned problem. But at the same time that I'm remoted in watching them do it, I can see the keystrokes in the excel cells in real time!! Not after moving it back to another monitor
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
Startech remoted in and disabled 'hardware acceleration' in Microsoft Office. Unfortunately we can't test it until tomorrow because it look fine while remoted in. I'm sceptical because the issue also occurred when moved Chrome window to the middle screen. Will see what happens in the morning.
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
If the Office problem is solved, go into Chrome, Settings, type in the search field "hardware" (without the quotes) and disable that too.
If it's a known problem, Startech should've put it bigger on their website or on the manual though.

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