Looking for a solution to automatically copy emails from Outlook deleted items into SharePoint

We are looking for a solution to automatically copy emails from a user's deleted item folder in Outlook 2016 (no access to Exchange, the solution must be local) into a SharePoint 2016 library while maintaining the associated metadata and mapping the email's metadata in the document properties columns. Currently, in order to perform this operation, we have an admin assistant manually dragging all emails from the deleted items into the Harmon.ie Outlook add-in every month, being a manual operation, errors can easily happen, since those emails have archival and business value to our organization we wish to eliminate human error. While Harmon.ie have an automatic email upload option, it rely on Outlook's rules which do not apply to the deleted items folder. Ideally the solution would integrate with Outlook and would either be able to simply move all deleted items into another folder based on a schedule where this second folder would be handled by Harmon.ie to bring them into the SharePoint library or automatically move them directly in SharePoint and map the metadata on the items.

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Pascal LefebvreTeam LeadAsked:
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There isn't a proper way to achieve this as it's not a function of Outlook. If you had access to Exchange you can create export or archiving rules to achieve something along these lines but you've stated this isn't a option.

You may need to create a macro with one of the many automation tools out there, which 'record' your actions in a way that can be 'replayed' at a later date without interaction.

Autohotkey and robotask are worth a look but there are loads of these solutions out there.
Pascal LefebvreTeam LeadAuthor Commented:
Thank you Steve, we were thinking about the mactros too but I doubt it would go through our security team, I'll look into Autohotkey and robotask, never heard of them.

Thank you
Yea, Macros can be an issue so aren't always ideal. Those applications, and many others like them, basically replicate keyboard/mouse activity and allow you to create repeatable & automated actions. May be useful for what you need.
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