Setup a Draytek Vigor AP 810 with Draytek 2760 router as guest wifi

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how can i setup a guest wifi using a
draytek 2760 non wireless router and a draytek AP 810
DHCP is coming from the sbs server
How do i configure the network settings on the router and server
I have set the AP to AP mode and on the same ip range as the network
how do i setup the router etc
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Hopefully this link will help you:

Essentially you want to:

1. Configure one of the router's lan ports with an ip address and subnet mask, to serve as the default gateway for your guest wifi.
2. Assign that interface to a vlan on the router.
3. Connect sbs server to another lan port on the router and configure that port in the same vlan as the port the ap is connected to.
4. Alternatively, you can use the dhcp feature on the router and allow the interface connected to the AP to server ip address configuration to the guess wifi clients.


will this allow me to put out 2 ssids
1 for guest and 1 for production
can i use dhcp on the router for guest
and dhcp on the sbs server for production

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