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brian ramos

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Can't open Office XML file in Word

How to fix this. It opens on another laptop though but if you try to save it over you get back the same error.

What could cause this and how to fix it ?
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Ardhendu Sarangi
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it seems like a table is corrupt. Try to resave the document with another name and as an earlier version on the laptop where it can be opened.
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brian ramos


I tried that and same problem
Have you tried to save it as a previous version of Word?
If that didn't work, can you click on the details and see what the error is.
Brian, can you advise how you're copying that docx file over? Via USB Stick or network or how?
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Andrew Leniart
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Came back to this because a couple more things popped into my mind.

1. Try copying the file from the laptop using a different USB stick.

2. Disable any Antivirus software on both the source laptop and the machine being copied to when transferring the file as it's also possible that AV software could be interfering with the copy process.
Please do the following and let us know the results.

Open Word and then use the "File" menu/tab > "Open" option and browse to your *.docx file.
Does it open?

Right-Click on the *.docx file and choose "properties".
If you see an "unblock" button, click on it and then click the "apply" button.
Does the file now open in Word when you double-click on it?

If both of these work then it is most likely due to a metadata flag that is applied to a file when it is transferred from one computer to another, and is the same flag that is applied when you download a file from the Internet.  "Unblocking" it removes the flag.  If you used a FAT32 formatted USB Flash Drive to copy the file the flag is removed because it is only supported in NTFS drives.

This may well not be the cause, but it is worth doing the quick test to at least eliminate it from further consideration.