menu bar doesn't work on mobile

The slide anchor works well in full screen, however, it does in mobile.  In the mobile if I click on "Announcements" on the top expandable menu it works.  If I click on "Coverage" it slides down, but the menu disappears.  I thought that perhaps the main picture image was getting in the way so I moved the anchor down, but the menu lines didn't show up.  In other words, the menu bar is there for "Announcements".  It is not there for Coverage.  For some reason the menu disappears on coverage.!/GCI2/index.html
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The way it's work is you have the grey menu, when you scroll at x point the black menu appear and replace the grey menu.

What I would do is to keep this method for large view but in smaller view I would display only the black menu as a sticky top menu.

You will find all the media queries css in your responsive.css file

You may also use the helper class to show/hide element on mobile view

or use the display none method with specific media queries

@media (max-width: <desired width of viewport>) {

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As menu are usually complex and may have some hardcode css in the JS or complexe JS
so you may want to contact the template author to get a fix.
To get their support

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smitty62Author Commented:
I just added position:fixed; to the @media for mobile and it looks great now.  Thank you.
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