Excel startup message  60D48010:: file format is not valid.

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My Excel is broken and I am getting desparate enough to think about upgrading to Office 2016 pro. Currently I have Lenovo t486p OEM Windows 10 pro with Office 2010 pro.

In the last decade I have developed hundreds of Excel Macros, and sometimes I "break" Excel.
Luckily, I've become proficient at fixing the damage, but today I am stumped.

Excel 2010 seems to work fine, but these 2 annoying startup messages appear every time I open excel. They say there is a broken file, but I have no clue which file.

60D48010:: file format is not valid.
70C48010:: file format is not valid.'

If I start Excel in safemode (control key down) the messages do not appear.

The following attempts to fix it all failed. Most of the steps were followed by a reboot.

Deleted everything from XLSTART.
Disabled COM and Excel addins.
Return macro security to highest level. No macros run and f11 shows that the only vbaproject is Book1
deleted xlb
repaired office.
"Reinstalled" Excel. (Actually used control panel to modify office to have Excel not available. Then returned it to fully available.
reset office ribbon and QAT.
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems Specialist

Like Word, Excel uses templates for its worksheets, so I suspect the default templates, which loads at startup has become corrupted.
Check for any old or bad templates in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates.

Also check if Excel is auto loading spreadsheets from a Startup folder. This is configured in Excel, Options, Advanced, General
'At startup, open all files in [         ] '
Martin LissOlder than dirt
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You can try this.

  1. Make a backup copy of the problem workbook
  2. In Excel, click File
  3. Navigate to the problem workbook
  4. Single-click it
  5. Now go to the Open button and click on the little downarrow on the right
  6. Choose Open and Repair...
  7. Choose Repair in the popup window


Martin:  Opening excel without any workbooks still gets the error:
     "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXE" /e

Peter: the only templates are dotm for Word.  Nothing shows in  options - startup.

Both: F11 shows NOTHING is open, not even Book1.

The error messages also appear when I open Windows in safe mode.  BUT, Excel also give another message.
"Microsoft Office cannot verify the license for this application. A repair attempt failed or was canceled by the user. The application will now shut down."

I believe that error message is irrelevant to my problem. The Office repair finished normally.  And, just to be sure, I rebooted to normal mode and repaired again finished normally.
very strange.  I  just now returned to xlstart and discovered there were two files that were causing the problem.

I have no idea how I missed them the first time, but deleting them fixed the problem.

Sorry to have bothered you folks. I am closing the problem

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