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Install a program from service

I have written a service.  I would like to silently install a program using the service.

The program is silently installable... I can do it via the command prompt.

The service, however, doesn't install and I think the issue maybe the space in which the service runs.

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For assistance, you'd have to post information about your installation process.

Also, your installer should capture + report all errors encountered during installation.

The reported errors are essential to debugging this.

And, if your disk space is 99.99% used, then you're likely correct... free up some disk space + see if this fixes your install problem...
what are the privileges to which the service run?
in order to install a program you need to have local administrator privileges on the system
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I think the issue is with the service running under the local system account.
I would use TopShelf to create the service instead of the VS template

This is my (albeit C#) Visual Studio Windows Service template
I suggest you to create a specif user for your service and configure the AlwaysInstallElevated policy for this user
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