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Multi-user form recordsource issue

Hi Experts,

I am building a database for eventual deployment on our network for multiple users.  I am trying reduce the amount of forms I've created for each department to a master form that is filtered for that department's items when the form is opened (e.g. on the attached db, switchboard>dietary>manage items).  When I open frm_ItemsMstr,  I set the query in the command button click event in the switchboard and when the form opens the records are filtered to that department.  However, I created an option group on frm_ItemsMstr to filter the items based on their status of active, retired, etc.  and am having the unexpected results of other departments' items being included in the filter for most of the options but not all.

What is the best practice when trying to create a form like this in a multi-user environment so each user only sees their department's items?   Any idea why my options group is behaving like this?

Thank you, your help is always appreciated!
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