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Developing functions in the cloud

I've seen a Squarespace website that has a BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button that links to has acquired cloud storage and has created a subdomain for the business abcchiropractor.  They've also associated a function with the storage that books appointments after referring to a database, etc.  They say they've also created a Charting function that lets doctors keep charts on individual patients.

I want to do something similar, where my clients can have their own space in a cloud where they can describe an idea that they want to develop and bring to market. So after logging in to their cloud area, they could upload videos that described themselves and their idea, as well as images and documents. This could all be viewed by other people, like potential investors.

I'm looking for a development platform that would do as much of the heavy lifting here as possible. My initial thought is to start with a Squarespace site.  From there the client would log into their cloud area and upload what they wanted to their private space.   Does anyone know of a platform that might work for me here?

Thank you!
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You're better off looking at Wordpress or similar CMS. That's because the whole Jane.App thing is propietary setup, which they spend 10 if not 100 thousands of their own money into the R&D.
If Wordpress and the alternatives (Joomla etc) don't have the features you need, look at the available plugins.
That way you don't have to spend as much.
If you really want something VERY similar to Jane.App, you're better off looking at turn key solutions, and get a reseller type of subscription from there.

One final note, it's better you describe ALL important functions you need in great detail here, not matter how long it is. That's because others who will be answering this question also, will have much better suggestions based on your list of requirements.
Squarespace - For anything as complex as you described, no chance Squarespace will work.

WordPress - Use WordPress for your front end, then likely you'll be running some complex backend Linux systems accessible using API calls.

Best you hire someone who can work with you to design the entire system, end to end, before doing any work.

Jane.App is a fairly complex.
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Yes, I'm beginning to realize that this is much more than I want to take on,  unless I found a platform that already did most of it.  I'm a Squarespace specialist and the guy called me and asked if I could do custom programming.  I said "sure" thinking it would be some custom CSS or a small HTML block within Squarespace and then he laid a 13-page description on me.  This has more going on than Kickstarter and they started with $10 million.  Anyway, thanks for the input.
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David Favor
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Check if there is a Clone Script close to what you want then modify it to suit your needs
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Shaun, Interesting!  I think, though, that I would worry about how buggy the code was and the quality of the support.
The buggier the code + the less support provided... the better...

As buggy code + lack of support, for any requirement... means potential opportunity + profit.
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David, All good suggestions.  On the other hand,   a "journey"  where I "learned a lot" and "maybe got a better idea" could also burn several years of my life with no payoff.   But thanks.
You're welcome!
Just thinking if having to leverage on existing forum and customise a template to the needs will be of help. Airtable may be worth looking further  and talking to them on use case.
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