save screenshots as jpeg

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some windows 10 updates always changing options i set earlieron my laptop

like paint i always like to save as .jpeg rather than .png file

some thing got changed now again they are saving as .png

how to make default as .jpeg while saving some paint images , screenshots etc so that i do not consume lot of space and easy to email them also

please advise
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I'm not aware of any way to change the dafault back to jpg.  
I simply select the option I want each time I save from MSPaint.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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Use ShareX to make your screenshots so that you can change the default file type to JPEG. If the file starts off as a JPEG, then it will be resaved as a JPEG
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"so that i do not consume lot of space and easy to email them also" - please note that neither is .png harder to attach to e-mails, nor is it a picture format that compresses badly, so the file size is often the same. I suggest to use .png.
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if you want smaller mail picture, - ihave been using photoresize400
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
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I agree to McKnife's statement. Tech drawings, screenshots (everything which already consists of pixels by nature) should get into a GIF or PNG, anything photo-realistic is better been stored as JPEG. That is because JPEG uses transformations into waves, which can only be an approximation to the real picture. That can get very bad if you have hard contrasts, like text on paper.
You can see that often here on EE, where JPG Screenshots are provided - and are blurry.
Infrastructure admin
There is a simple way without using extra programs by adding " Save as JPG" button to Paint access toolbar and this procedure you have to do it only once.

1- when you want to save a picture as JPEG or other file extention go to FILE >>> SAVE AS >>> put ur mouse pointer to the required file extention
2- Right click choose " Add to Quick Access toolbar
3-An Icon will appear as shown. Next time you just click this icon to save the picture as JPEG

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