Allow Google to index the whole blog post behind the Paywall using the JSON/Scheme

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I have a Wordpress webiste with Pay Per View plugin ( which shows 500 words for non-subscribers for free.

However, I want Google to index the whole blog post not just those 500 words.

Google recommends using the JSON/Scheme for that purpose in order to avoid the cloaking penalty.

Would you be able to help me - write and explain the implementation of that code to my Wordpress blog?

Here are the recommendations from Google -
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This type work is fairly straight forward to complete, if you follow all Google directions carefully + test your site to verify you've completed steps properly.

How you complete this process depends on exactly how your site is tooled.

Difficult to guess about how to do this without admin access to your site.

Also, while process is straight forward, this work can be very time consuming to get right + will require getting rid of any theme/plugins which break your HTML (so, non-validating HTML).

Best if you hire someone to help you with this, so they have admin access to your site.

You can do this work yourself as follows.

1) Get your site to validate using, meaning 0 errors + 0 warnings.

This is absolute. If your HTML is mangled, you have no idea how the GoogleBot will parse your site for indexing.

Also, every code change in the GoogleBot will change how/if your site indexes, with mangled HTML.

2) Follow the Google instructions to inject your JSON-LD into your HTML, then rerun #1 to ensure your HTML is valid again.

3) Then use to verify your JSON-LD works as you expect.

See... Simple steps + if you find yourself pulling your hair out after a few hours, hire someone to help you.
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Tip: Follow Google's guidelines exactly.

Do not ever, ever, ever think you're smarter than Google + try anything which will cause GoogleBot to see a different version of your site than anonymous visitors.

Google will visit your site with both GoogleBot instances + PhantomJS (headless Chrome) instances. The PhantomJS instances will be spread across global IPs, so you will not know what IPs run these instances.

If your content differs between the GoogleBot + PhantomJS visits, your site will be given a site wide cloaking penalty.

When this occurs, your content will drop out of search results. You'll see Search Console messages to fix.

If you ignore Search Console messages long enough, your site will be deindexed.

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