iSeries CPF5140  Telnet-session ends abnormal, caused by JBOSS/Applinx connection skript. Missing SIGNOFF.

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iSeries CPF5140  Telnet-session ends abnormal.

Telnet connection is from JBOSS server ( Applinx server ) to host (iSeries)
CPF5140 is caused by ending session without SIGNOFF.

Applinx has his own specific language base on librrary ( maybe java ).
    Input  parameters for CreateEmulationsession : UserName and password.
    Output parameter is sessionID
Please see attached file, skripting . . .

session may be disconnected and CPF5140 Joblog appears on iSeries Host.
Applinx Skript for session handling  
How to add SIGNOFF in Skript, to avoid CPF5140 ?

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Looks like this is a script emulating a user session.  You need to find out the correct procedure for signing off the system from inside the application - just like you have a procedure to "LoginandStartINAS", you probably need a procedure to "EndINASandSignoff", or something like that.

Your current mechanism is abruptly ending the emulation session (end session) without first closing the application and signing off of the system - resulting in hanging emulation sessions and the CPF5140 errors.

You'll need to find out how to end the application ("INAS"?) and from wherever you are in the application.  Then you can end the session without producing an error.


many Thanks !

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