how to freeze panes and select rows to copy

How to stop rows from scrolling when trying to copy when freeze panes.
Let's say I freeze row 8 and I scroll down to row 20 and want to copy cells  A1:A30
Meaning rows 1:8 and rows 20:30 are copied which excludes rows 9:19
Is this possible ?
Ian BellretiredAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In my experience, freezing rows and columns (I do this to see header and side row information) does not prevent copying from/to anywhere in the sheet
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hey there, it sounds like you want to select and copy non-contiguous rows. Simply select A1:A8 and then hold down Ctrl key and Select a20:A30
Copy this and paste to where you would like to see the data. Ctrl Click will also De-Select data for you
After scrolling to row 20 here are 3 things you can do
1) click on a30
2) hold down the shift key and click on a1
3) with shift still held down click on space bar
4) ctrl  c will put 1:30 onto clipboard

1) click on a30
2) hold down the shift key and click on a1
3) ctrl  c will put a1:a30 onto clipboard

And you can get very fancy with multple variations. For example
1) with control key down click on a20 and drag down to a30: A20:a30) is now selected
2) with only shift key down, depress the space bar.  20:30 is now selected.
3) with only control key down click on a1 and drag down to a8:   [20:30, a1:a8] is now selected
4) with only shift key down, depress the space bar. [20:30, 1:8] is now selected.
5) you can repeat that sequence multiple times.
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ctrl click for Excel 2003 to excel 2016  will not deselect unless you install special software.  (I have written some that works great, but it was pretty complicated.)

(But perhaps someone knows about a hidden option? If so, i would love the hear about it.)
I select a1:a10
Now I want to remove a5 and a6 from the selection.
Ctrl click does not do the trick.
I have been working heavily with excel for 25 years, but only on Windows.  
Do you have any 3rd party software like asap installed?
They advertise that feature?
And, have you tried it today?
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Ctrl click or ctrl click and drag evidently only deselects cells in versions 2016 (O365) and above. Mea Culpa
a windows 10 remote assistance demonstration would be amazing. I private messaged you my cell phone # for texting.
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Hi Ian,

You might be aware that there is a Name Box left most to the formula bar where you see the address of the selected cell.
If you click in that box and type 1:8,20:30 and hit enter, it will select the rows 1:8 and 20:30 and then you can press Ctrl+C to copy the selection and paste it back to the desired location.


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Ian BellretiredAuthor Commented:
Hey guys I tried your suggestions and the only sure fire way that worked for me was the one
by Neeraj.
Thank you all for your help.
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
You're welcome Ian! Glad we could help.
The controversy about cell deselection has been resolved.  Excel 2019 and Excel 365 are the only releases that support cell deselection. (Office 2013 plus had some elements of deselection, but they do not seem to work.)

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