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Laptop screen flickers

I replaced the internal battery for the Dell Latitude E5570.   The laptop was fine all throughout the charge and removal of the plug for 4 enjoyable hours of battery life until bed.  However, today the screen flickers like either the cable is loose from me poking around and replacing the battery or the screen is about to go.   Just thinking I type, I'm going to run a hardware dignostics on the video but what could have I have possibly loosen up to create the flicker.  PS.  It seems as if it's not a loose cable and the screen is in fact going out.  The screen is no longer flickering.   Actually, it flickers when I execute applications, minimize/maximaize things but not when typing.  Basically,  thing get flicker crazy when the mouse is involved.   I see this getting worse through time.  Thoughts?
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Dell diagnostics state the following error below.   Weird because the new battery hold a charge fine.  

"Fail psa v4300 error 2000:0132 validate code: 94861 battery - the battery is reaching the end of its usable life"
Is the battery reaching end of usable life the same as the internal battery you replaced?  (some laptop have two batteries).

Was the replacement battery a Dell battery or a third party battery?
Third party.  Voted very well but I guess those amazon votes could be bogus.
Yes.  That is probably what is happening here. I replace batteries with Lenovo or Warranty-approved as my dealer supplies.
It no longer flickers since I remvoed the battery.  I will put it back in for shits and giggles
Well, then, it may be a contacts issue as I suggested above. See what happens.
So far so good....  new battery works fine during diagnostics and reseating of the battery
Good news. So then it was as per my first suggestion here.
You are very welcome and I was very happy to help you.
The flicker resumed.  The new battery contained different volts.  It appears there aren't six cell batteries w the same volts. I ordered a replacement four cell w the same volts.  Flicker is gone now w the old battery back in and should continue that way w the replacement.  Ultimately, my longer battery life situation does not really get resolved.   Just the flickering.  Someone was telling me that battery life is not dependent on four or six cells.  Need to do some more reading on that topic