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We are currently evaluating option to move our voice to hosted.  We are in the process of two part project for this.  1st is migrating from VPN to MPLS.  The 2nd is to move from PBX/SIP to hosted.

Currently using Shortel and planning on gamma.

Anyone gone this route and suggest any options or caveats?

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Mike SmithEnterprise VoIP & ISP Broker

Is there a reason why your company is moving to MPLS? MPLS would be good if you were staying with an on-prem system but it isn't going to help your hosted VoIP service. MPLS is a site-to-site WAN technology but hosted VoIP is a site-to-Internet technology.

A better solution might be a cloud-enabled SD-WAN service, that will improve your company's site-to-Internet connection quality.

I've not heard of Gamma but that might be because I'm based in the US.

How many sites does your company have and approx. how many total phone system users?


Yes, simplifying its network connectivity and complexity i.e. single HA pair of firewalls in a datacenter.    Looked at SD-wan and its so new and expensive.

3 sites.  35 users.

Pros: if old sturdy system, saving money with staying with old tech.
cons:MPLS, expensive.
Own PBX (depending on model), expensive. Usually if it's a bit older, you don't have hardware replacements.

Pros: could be cheaper (doesn't have to be if the PBX isn't too expensive, and lives for a longer time). No hardware/server replacement needed, as it can't break down. No more need to track down PBX problems (hoster should do that).
Some hosters have some internet enabled functions you didn't have before (if you have an older PBX), like plugins for Outlook, realtime widget showing in/outgoing calls. Call clipboard numbers etc.
To find the hoster you need, you have to invite quite a few, each has to show their product and functions they provide, which should be demoed on-site.
Cons: Probably needs full-site phone replacements
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I agree.  We pay shoretel some c£k a year maintenance.  A joke.

With cloud we can leverage mobile users easier, i hope.
The best cloud options not only leverage mobile users, they have mobile apps, but also sometimes can combine the whole company's subscription and plans (mobile phones/ phone/data subs). If the prices are decent, having only one invoice (hopefully with volume discount) can save you some headache.


Currently reviewing: Gamma Horizon, Foehn, ringcentral,

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