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Cascading Drop down issues in Excel

Hello I've never built a cascading dropdown from scratch.  I have a template that I use every time I need to create one.

Please use the attachment as guidance

Question 1 - On the Tracking Worksheet tab, when select DMI in Area, Column E only gives the selection of Reporting and Reporting when it should be Reporting and Soup.  (selecting TCS in column C does it correctly)

Question 2 - Why when you select an Activity List on the Tracking WorkSheet tab, all the selections on Column I on the Service_Activity List tab are displayed?

Is it all in the order or is there a way to do a cascading dropdown where it works as intended?

Example, On the Tracking Worksheet  tab When you select DMI then Reporting is the only selection and then there's only 3 selections in column I Activity

I have a work around but it requires putting (DMI) at the end of Column B on the Service or Deliverable and (DMI) at the end of every activity that's selected for the Area DMI (same exercise for (TCS), (GR), (SS)

Question 3, this is a nice to have, but it might require coding, If you make all the proper selections, and then go back and change G, is there a validation that tell you Column H and I are incorrect?
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