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Adding new users issue in Exchange 2000

Dear Experts

Are there any of you old enough to remember Exchange 2000?
I have a client who is running Windows 2000 SBS server with Exchange 2000 in a VMware VM on a Windows 2008R2 server. There are only 7 users in this organisation & the only reason we need Exchange is for shared calendars - not worth buying a newer Exchange.

For a long time we had been running the old Windows 2000 server separately with the new (at the time) Windows 2008 machine using terminal services for the clients. We don't use a domain within the organisation but we left the old W2k server running as a domain controller & were able to access the shared calendars from the W2008 sessions.

Finally after 17 years we had to retire the old W2k machine, so we exported the working environment to a VMware VM on the 2008 machine. Calendars still worked perfectly. Eventually staff changes required 2 new calendars be created - herein lies the problem. I set up the new users in the W2k AD & selected create Exchange mailbox, but no mailboxes created. After a lot of to & fro I managed to get 1 mailbox to appear, but it is only visible to 1 client on the 2008 machine. This client can create appointments for the new user, but the new user cannot open any of the existing shared calendars.

My problem is that I have very limited experience working with Exchange so I am floundering a bit when it comes to troubleshooting issues. I need help!

Anyone able to assist will be most welcome. Remote access to the 2008 machine running the VM can be arranged if needed. Time zone is GMT +11).

Cheers & salutations

Brian P.
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