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Zabbix PING for Agentless Cameras

Dear Experts,
I need help to monitor agentless device through Zabbix server. I know about adding simple check items which include icmpping and than adding a trigger which works perfectly in my environment but I have more than 100 cameras in my network. If I will add each camera as new host , the list end up include 100 others server will make total of 200 hosts. I have one camera  video recording server (know as Milestone server) where  windows 7 OS having  zabbix agent is installed. I want to achieve ping test for 20 cameras inside the milestone server  by adding the ping test from that host itself and not adding the each camera as different host. Please advise. Moreover, all cameras do not have snmp feature enabled.
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Simple approach. Write a script to call icmpping for many IPs + only return those in error. Also have your script log any errors to a log file, so you can go back in time + determine exact problem cameras.
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Dear David,
I am looking for script for windows agent that can ping 20 cameras and if any one end with ping fail, it tigger the mail.
You'll have to write this script yourself.

Your setup will be unique, so you'll write a unique script for this.