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Azure: Resolve local PC hostname from RDP server when connected to Point-To-Site VPN

Is it possible to configure Azure to resolve DNS hostname of local PC that is connected to Azure via Point-To-Site VPN

1. Windows 10 Laptop connects to Point-To-Site VPN using the Azure VPN client
2. Windows 10 user then connects to an Azure VM via RDP from their laptop
3. User then opens a program from their RDP session.

To be able to print to Local Printer connected via USB port on the laptop whilst in RDP session.

The software uses the RDP Server printers only and is not compatible with using redirected printers.

How can i map local printer that is connected via USB on laptop into RDP Server via hostname instead of private vpn IP Address so they can print.

What does work is if I share the printer on the laptop, install the printer drivers on the server and map the local port to the private ip address it works fine. However the VPN private IP Address changes everytime user logs in using the VPN Client.

Any suggestions ?

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8/22/2022 - Mon