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Office 2016 updates within Vmware and HyperV

Hi All

I am currently in the process of building a Windows 10 1803 image in both HyperV and VMware horizon. Our Office products are managed by KMC licensing.

I am wondering how to go about pulling down Office updates? due to the KMC licensing the update option that is normally present in a standard licensed version (home user) is no longer present.  When I run windows OS updates no office update come down either.

Usually we push our Office Update's down via SCCM but as this is a base image I want to have the office version as up to date as possible before we deploy the Windows 10 build to our users.  The SCCM client will not be on the base image as you are moving to inTune.

OS build Windows 10 1803 - Office 2016 Updates

Any advice would be greatly apricated.

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