setup network

Ive a new netgear jgs524PE switch and a netgear orbi rbk50 I would like help to setup correctly.

Currently the isp router is giving a gateway on one port of that runs to the Netgear orbi, The orbi in turn has created its own network on, my switch is connected to the orbi with an ip

I have nas connected to the switch, previously it was on but I guess that now needs to be changed?

What is the best way to set up here? The Orbi provides netgear circle which allows me to control the kids devices with devices on the orbi network. So I think the switch has to stay as currently connected.

I am not sure if I should have the Router providing dhcp.

Your advice would be welcome.

This is a home setup but I do require 1gb cable speeds as I zoom a lot. The  synology nas server needs to be accessible from outside.
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SuhaibIT specialistCommented:
Hello Peter

I think your network is like this:

network setup
the  synology nas server needs to be accessible from outside.
you mean from Internet?
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
yes sometimes I access my synology from outside
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
Or I setup a website on it
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SuhaibIT specialistCommented:
thank you for your reply, could you please explain more about your current devices and connections:
Router name/type, IP, which devices are connected directly
switch name/type, IP, which devices are connected directly

so i can help you.
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
livebox Fibra router
Netgear switch jgs524pe
Netgear orbi rbr50 router
Netgear rbs 50 satellite

I can connect them anyway you advise currently and for simplicity the router wifi off and I am connected to the router with one cable to my pc.

Ive reset the router so its on
Ibrahim KasabriNetwork & Infrastructure Engineer Commented:
You are using ORBI rbk50 Wifi/Router model ( One internet port for internet that connected to the IPS Modem AND 3 or4 LAN ports )

the scenario on ORBI RBK 50 will be :

* The default LAN setting so, You do not need an Extra Router to set up DHCP Server, it is doable on your device as shown
NOTE: My recommendation is excluding the first 15or 20 IP's from the DHCP range to reserved for the devices that need to assign IP Address Statically ( Switch, NAS, and others ), for Example, the DHCP server will assign IP's automatically starting to 254.

* Now you can connect your  jgs524PE  to one of ORBI RBK50  LAN ports. Assign your switch an IP address for example and

* Assign your NAS a static IP Gateway Connect the NAS either via cable to your Switch or Router LAN port, Or connect it Via WIFI.

To access your NAS from outside there are many available options to configure  ( VPN, web access, Port trigger forwarding, DMZ )
all these config options on this link

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PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
As for my isp router do I leave that as dhcp and
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
Here is what the orbi showsorbi settings
Ibrahim KasabriNetwork & Infrastructure Engineer Commented:
please click on connection status at Internet port window and show me the statistics
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
optical fibre directly in to the isp router, I tried to set it to ont but it didnt work
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
Do you mean router info
Ibrahim KasabriNetwork & Infrastructure Engineer Commented:
on orbi RBK 50 change the internet port IP to /24 gateway
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
is that in the wan or lan part?
Ibrahim KasabriNetwork & Infrastructure Engineer Commented:
It's wan port
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
You *could* switch the orbi WAN to static IP but I think you give up all the good things that would happen re: DNS.  I would leave it dynamic.
I would also leave it dynamic to accomodate a NEW interface (including with a public address if you go that way for some reason).

On the orbi LAN side, I would get away from because it's so commonly used.  It won't work right if your NEXT ISP device is set up in that same range.  Instead, use something like and avoid,,, .... well, anything on the list here:
Then, if and when the ISP or their interface device changes, you will be ready to just plug it in!!

I might guess that you want the NAS on the orbi LAN side... but there seems to be more to what you're doing than has been described.
Ibrahim KasabriNetwork & Infrastructure Engineer Commented:
From the given Extra Pieces of information, I think there is no need to connect the ORBI rbk50 to the ISP router, because of the ISP router support (LAN, DHCP, WIFI, and other features).

therefore, On ISP Router the  DHCP pool start from, reserve the IP's gateway  for Netgear switch jgs524pe, and IP gateway fro the NAS.

You can connect the Netgear SW to ISP router via LAN port1 and the NAS can connect either to ISP LAN port2 or to the Netgear SW.  

For NAS accessibility from outside, I think it is doable contact the ISP for support Or check the user manual of the ISP Modem Router.
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
I need to give a class but will attempt a little later how do i set up that on the isp router?
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
Ive set the dhcp range and made the switch in its settings

I think there is no need to connect the ORBI rbk50 to the ISP router, because of the ISP router support (LAN, DHCP, WIFI, and other features).

This is providing the fast wifi mesh, with isp router wifi turned off, hence its connection. the question is how to connect it and what settings
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
What do you mean by "it" in "the question is how to connect it"?

You said:
The Orbi provides netgear circle which allows me to control the kids devices with devices on the orbi network.
So you could get rid of the Orbi I suppose but then what about this?

You could consider continuing to use the Orbi as only a switch and wireless access point as in:
The instructions are there for doing this.
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