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Crystal Rouse
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I"m trying to build an Action Link to another Area.  The link I have is:

 @Html.ActionLink(Model[i].ID, "Details", "Orders", new { Area = "Order" }, new { id = Model[i].ID }, new
                           @target = "_blank"

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I"m getting errors. Is this the correct way to build an Action Link to another Area?  The Link works correctly within the Order Area.
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That's mostly correct. Your fourth parameter dictates any route parameters (e.g. area name) that should be evaluated when materializing the appropriate URL from a route definition. I believe your last two parameters are in error, though. The last parameter should be an object whose properties contain the names and values of any HTML attributes you want to include on the generated <a> tag. You've passed two different objects as two different parameters; these should just be one object with two properties:

@Html.ActionLink(Model[i].ID, "Details", "Orders", new { Area = "Order" }, new { id = Model[i].ID, @target = "_blank" })

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Crystal RouseTask Lead


Thanks! That worked!

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