How to upgrade Android OS version on new tablet?

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The customer just bought a new Samsung tablet at Office Depot that is running KitKat.  They have an app that needs a newer version of the OS.  They went to Settings > Software update and tried to get a newer version, but it said they had the latest.

In brief online queries, I am not finding an easy way to install a higher version for them, as though it's not allowed.  On a Windows 7 PC we can (obviously) upgrade to Windows 10 in most cases.  Likewise, can we upgrade a new Samsung tablet to Lollipop or Marshmallow or Nougat?  If so, exactly how would I do this for my customer?  TIA
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The current version of Android is 9.

New operating system versions aren't always able to work on older hardware. If the OS says that the tablet is on the latest version, that means it's on the latest version that the tablet can run. Unfortunately most Android devices are meant to be throw-away devices that only last a couple of years :(

It MIGHT be possible to root the tablet and apply a custom ROM to it, but I wouldn't recommend that.

Office Depot shouldn't still be selling tablets that run Kit Kat, as that OS version is over 4 years old at this point and was deprecated over 2 years ago. I recommend returning it. If they give the customer a hard time, tell them that they're selling outdated and unsupported hardware.

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