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When user forwards or replies to an email in Outlook, the TO fields fills the whole screen

When user forwards or replies to an email, the TO fields fills the WHOLE screen (almost) - See screenshot
I cannot find any way to change the size of that field

The fix is to log off Windows and log back on repeatedly until the issue disappears. This can take up to 1/2 hour
Any idea how to fix this?

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David Favor
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Best guess is potentially bogus characters in the To: field or some sort of munged HTML in the message which is adversely effecting Outlook.

Tip: If you haven't installed all OS updates, including Outlook updates, install all updates + retest.

Fix: Hit view source. Find problem. Report problem to Microsoft to fix, after all updates installed.
Can you drag the message box smaller?  I cannot do that on my Outlook but message box is below the From , To lines

More likely do the following:

1. Uninstall Office
2. Update BIOS, Chipset and Video Drivers on the computer.
3. Restart.
4. Install Office and patch fully.

Then test.
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@John @David

Thanks for the suggestions. This is on a RDS. So I will install all updates and try. If this does not fix it I will try to recreate the user profile, but I was hopping instead for the magic solution: "Aaaah that problem: add a Reg entry and it is all fixed" ...  A man can dream, can't he?

@John, When it happens, it happens for ALL messages the users replies to or forwards. Logging off and on will (eventualy) fix the issue. So not sure if the issue is in the original message
Try a new user profile then. I was not clear on your environment from your first post. Try the new profile.
I'm with John. Trying a new profile might be sufficient.

And, I'd first install updates + check view source.

If you find something odd that stands out, report a bug to Microsoft, whether a new profile fixes the problem or not.
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