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Andy Doe
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Hi everyone.

just started at a new job at an MSP and as part of my role we are checking if users have auto-save turned on in onedrive so the desktop, documents and other important folders are synced

currently this is a long drawn out process as it takes a long time to call each user connect to their machine etc etc.

is there some way we can automate this task so we could get connected to say one machine and run a powershell script to probe each PC on the network some customers have a domain some do not

basically we need to find out

is auto-save enabled
is it working
when was the last sync.
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As you should know by now, there are two onedrives.

Onedrive for business (ofB) and Onedrive

They talked about Status, but I tried to import the module, and it doesn't' work
so probably it should be recompiled and then used on your computer.


Another approach would be to create an app registration, and try
but It not worth the pain.

If it's just Onedrive for business:

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